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The Sacramento River Preservation Trust has been coordinating float trips along many different stretches of the Sacramento River since its inception. Our float trip and hike programs are designed to help guests and members better understand the dynamic natural processes and policy process work required to re-enhance the main stem of the Sacramento River. Our float trip and hike tours cover the entire upper and middle Sacramento River regions and incorporate the knowledge and missions of many organizations along the adventures; we invite birders, naturalists, native plant specialists, state and federal biologists, local docents and other regional experts into our leader groups to give guests the best and most informative trip possible. The more we learn about the resources around us the more we appreciate them and feel an obligation of stewardship towards them.

Float Trips

Ready to float (5:24:13)

Guests ready for the River!

Members and Guests:

Our members and guests have always enjoyed our most popular floats: the Full Moon Float Trip, from Irvine Finch to Scotty’s Landing, and our Jelly’s Ferry to Bend Float, in the upper stretch of the Sacramento River, from near Anderson to Red Bluff. We also do stretches from the Discovery Center in Red Bluff to Mill Creek Park, which is a great float to see the amount of publicly owned riparian restoration lands that have been purchased and enhanced along the stretch. Woodson Bridge to Scott’s Landing is another great float that takes all day and exemplifies the amount of change a naturally meandering river system makes along its path to an ocean outlet. The opportunities are endless

Full Moon Flaot (5:24:13)

Full Moon Float 2013

 Businesses, Organizations and Agencies:

We also host float trips for business groups, organizations, agencies and educational programs such as the Center for Math and Science at Chico State, the Department of Water Resources and the Army Core of Engineers, and sponsoring business partners. We can cater any trip to the group going on the adventure!

The Sac River Trust is currently entering a new phase of our float trip program where we are focussing on creating a new paddle guide and new paddle maps for self motivated adventurers to use to get on the Sacramento River. Please check out our progress on the Sac River Paddle Trail, also known as the Sac River Blue Trail, as it continues to develop.

Floodplains Institute River Trip

2014 Floodplains Institute River Trip

The Sac River Trust was asked to give an overview of the wonderful riparian re-enhancement work that has been accomplished along the Sacramento River since 1984. This Floodplains Institute program was part of the Project WET mission to give educators materials and information regarding the world of water in California so that they can take what they learn back to their classrooms. We talked about floodplain ecology and natural river system elements in the classroom setting on July 30. On July 31st we got on the water! Lance and his crew from North Country Rafting Co. out of Redding supplied the boats and guides, while we supplied the education and river love. 36-teachers and other participants floated from above the Red Bluff Diversion Dam, at the Discovery Center, to Mill Creek Park. We stopped at a beautiful gravel bar midway to talk about the amazing success of the USFWS Sacramento River Complex and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders that helped to bring the riparian corridor of the Sacramento River back to life. This is what the Sac River Trust was formed to do, educate, protect and advocate for our most important river in California. We are so blessed to have a place like the Sac to recreate and enjoy. Get out to the River and touch it!


Check out the 2nd Annual RIVER 100 Ultra Marathon Paddle Race being hosted by Rivers for Change on Memorial Weekend (May 24-26,2014). Fun Paddle Day in Redding on the 24th, racers embark on their journey from Redding to Scotty’s Landing in Chico on the 2th, and the awards ceremony will be on March 26th at Scotty’s or at the new Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park area just south of Scotty’s on River Road. The 100-mile race is recommended for experienced adventurers only!

Hike Tours

Our hike tours have historically taken place on lands owned by our partnership groups: River Partners restoration sites, United States Fish and Wildlife Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and River Complex areas, The Nature Conservancy restoration lands, Middle Mountain Foundation properties, and Bureau of Land Management properties.

Please sign up to be a volunteer, or better-for-the-river-yet become a member, to hear about upcoming hikes and other events happening in our Sacramento River Watershed.

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