River Roadshow

Get To Know The Sac

A Sacramento River focussed  educational outreach program for all Californians. Let us bring the River to you!

This outreach effort is our most personal small-session style educational opportunity for our watershed residents, organizations and companies to better understand the majesty, importance and dynamic systems that exist within the Sacramento River Watershed.

Our River Road Show Program was started in 2013 to help reconnect our watershed residents and partnership groups with the Sacramento River.

Each of our programs are catered to the audience and pre-determined topics of discussion. Some of our presentations focus on river processes, others on recreation, and some are more focussed on specific species or projects of interest.

All of our programs include an update of our organization. We also include updates on major projects and opportunities to engage along the main stem of the Sacramento River. Please take a look at some of our past programs (here) and let us know if you would like to have our Executive Director, Lucas RossMerz, or one of our River Reps to visit your school classroom, professional organization’s next meeting, or your club’s next gathering to talk about the mighty and majestic Sacramento River.

This effort is fiscally sponsored by our members and a grant from the Rose Foundation’s California Wildlands Grassroots Fund.

Would your group, organization or neighborhood like a presentation? If so please contact:

Lucas RossMerz
Executive Director

Via email: Email Lucas (lucas@sacrvirertrust.org)
By phone: 530-345-1865
Or, with a letter sent to our office at: 631 Flume St., Chico, CA 95928

“The Sacramento River is a big deal. The Sac provides water for over 25-million Californians, quenches some of the most productive agricultural lands in the Americas, and supports some of the most vibrant wildlife areas in the world. This program allows the Sac River Trust to talk to groups about their  specific areas of interest or concern, while also making sure to cover the basics of history, bureaucracy and science. I never wanted to be a salesman, but selling the value of our majestic Sacramento River and its gifts is my passion.”

~ Lucas RossMerz

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